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Professor Pew

Professor Pew Gun Oil Combo Kit - 2 oz Bottle & .5 oz Needle Oiler of Gun Lube

Professor Pew Gun Oil Combo Kit - 2 oz Bottle & .5 oz Needle Oiler of Gun Lube

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What's Included in the Package?

🔥 2 oz Bottle AND .5 oz Needle Oiler of Gun Lube Included!: Experience unmatched firearm performance with this advanced gun oil. It provides exceptional lubrication for smooth firing action, while also creating a protective shield against corrosion and rust, preserving your firearms' longevity and value.

Product Description

  • Repels Dirt, Carbon, and Contaminants: Our Gun Lube, repels dirt, carbon build-up, and other contaminants, keeping your firearms cleaner for longer, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

  • Micro-Fine Layer of Oil: Each application of Professor Pew Gun Oil forms a micro-fine layer that evenly coats the entire surface of your firearms. This ensures comprehensive protection against moisture and environmental elements, maintaining peak performance in various conditions.

  • Super Slick Technology: Incorporating state-of-the-art super slick technology, this gun oil eliminates any puddles in the bore. The consistently smooth and even layer enhances accuracy and stability, contributing to more precise shots and improved shooting experiences.

  • Trusted by Enthusiasts Worldwide: Professor Pew Gun Oil has earned a reputation as the go-to choice for firearms enthusiasts across the globe. Join the community of satisfied users and elevate your shooting performance with this trusted and reliable gun oil.

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