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Rogue Gun Snake - Reusable and Compact Gun Cleaning Rope

Rogue Gun Snake - Reusable and Compact Gun Cleaning Rope

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The Rogue Gun Snake Cleaning Rope is a one-pass cleaning solution, expertly fashioned to efficiently scrub and mop your firearm's barrel. To utilize, simply apply your chosen barrel and bore solvent to the cleaning rope and repeat the operation as required until it's thoroughly clean from breech to muzzle. A weighted brass bore ensures the cleaning rope glides effortlessly through your handgun.

The innovative bristle technology makes use of copper brushes to effectively clean fouling and debris from your barrel. An integrated braided swab takes care of any leftover residue, ensuring your barrel is spotless and ready for action. This tool is perfect for prompt and straightforward clean-ups, and can conveniently be stored in your range bag or gun case. It can also easily become part of your overall cleaning protocol.


The Rogue Gun Snake

Engineered for effortless scrubbing and swabbing of your firearm's barrel; apply your preferred solvent to the cleaning rope and repeat until thoroughly clean

  • Advanced bristle technology employs copper brushes to remove fouling and debris; integrated braided swab ensures comprehensive cleaning by capturing all residual matter
  • A weighted brass bore facilitates the smooth navigation of the cleaning rope through your firearm's barrel
  • Perfect for storage in your range bag or gun case, it allows for swift and straightforward clean-ups and can be easily incorporated into your overall cleaning protocol
  • The cleaning rope boasts a length of 52 inches
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